Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby car seats, restaurant business and becoming a family man... scary stuff. Rock Me Amadeus!

Wow... it just hit me: In about three weeks I'll be a married man. In about five I'll be a father. I need another beer!
I wont deny it, I'm a little scared... heck, I'm really scared! Mostly because I wanna be a good father and a good husband... Do I even know how to do that? Where is the reboot button? What if it doesn't work or I'm a shitty dad? Can I undo it and restart it? I'm scared... really scared. yet, I'm really excited about this new life that's coming to rule mine. I guess I can do it like pretty much everything else in my life: just bullshit my way through it... I just don't want to be a loser dad. I really don't. I hope Kristen and Christian put up with me :)
I had a successful day at work today. New restaurant, new menu, new crew and people loved the food. I overheard a couple of waitresses talking to each other: "Have you tried any of the new food? It's SOOOOO good!" They didn't even know I was there and it felt good to hear that - My head swell a little bit :)
Today is my nephew's birthday. He's 20 now. A really nice kid but kind of naive.
My Sunday's softball team made it to the playoffs. Pretty happy about that.

Kristen took a picture of me hitting a home run.

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